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Jimmy Neil Smith 

The Aurus project is a project of six partners from five countries

Vrije Universiteit 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Academic research and education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is characterized by a high level of ambition, and encourages free and open communications and ideas. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam comprises 9 faculties, ranging from biomedical and sciences to humanities disciplines. Research is divided into four themes, reflecting a strong level of involvement in current societal issues: Human Health and Life Sciences, Science for Sustainability, Connected World, and Governance for Society. The total research output in 2018 translated to over 7400 scientific publications, and 430 doctoral theses.

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Settle Stories
Settle, England

Our mission is to collaborate with exceptional artists to create transformative experiences for people and communities. Stories are the most powerful way to engage, inspire and move people to action. We teach the art of storytelling so you can make a difference. We share stories from diverse cultures across the globe, explore traditional myths and folktales and reveal current stories of today. We present stories through year round events and the largest free online storytelling festival globally, Yorkshire Festival of Story. 

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Korissia, Greece

The Centre for the Study and Dissemination of Myths and Folktales aims at the dissemination and study of myths and folktales from various perspectives and of all art forms. Its goal is the preservation and dissemination of Myths, Legends and Folktales, as well as the promotion of the Greek cultural tradition and heritage. Furthermore, the Centre intends to strengthen the humanistic interest for Greek cultural tradition.

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The Village Storytelling Centre
Glasgow, Scotland

Storytelling has been at the heart of human expression for as long as we’ve been able to talk. Stories are inspirational, evolving with every telling, every teller and every audience. As a creative activity, storytelling can improve people’s health and wellbeing. At The Village Storytelling Centre, we use the power of storytelling to bring people together and to provide a space for creativity and relaxation.

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Kepes Alapítvány
Budapest, Hungary

The mission of Képes Alapítvány is to help different target groups to develop their social emotional learning (SEL) competences. We explore, adapt/develop, evaluate and promote SEL programs and initiatives. We find this field important as SEL competencies are shown to increase academic and work achievement and they help better adjustment in everyday life. These skills can be taught and developed and can help disadvantaged people to “beat the odds” - with increased self-efficacy and motivation to learn, with more flexibility, realistic goal setting and good problemsolving skills they can achieve more than their peers from the same disadvantaged background. We set up programs for those who lack these skills the most and who have little chance to have access to such trainings. We also target those professionals who work with these target groups (e.g. social workers, youth workers).

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DW-RS Producties
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DW-RS Foundation believes in the power of art and creativity and in the inclusion of all people in society, no matter their cultural and/or social background. Activation, participation and empowerment are the key concepts of our work.


DW-RS contributes to the creative development of neighborhoods, their inhabitants and other communities in the Netherlands and abroad to strengthen their social skills and to promote diversity. The foundation aims to achieve this by initiating, implementing and supporting activities in the field of the arts and by facilitating research into the power of creativity within social environments.

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